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Well done!
Was there a reason why you cut the power after just a few seconds into each flight?
I appreciate the understandable nerves that the plane was flying away from you but my own view is that by cutting the power it actually left you with more problems than if you continued with power and taken the time to gain plenty of height and so be able to get a feel for the controls.
As it was it certainly looked, and sounded from the Tx stick movements, like your plane was never really flying in a 'constant' condition with the result the wings and control surfaces will not be working efficiently hence your view of a lack of aileron control although the ailerons look plenty big enough.
It is worth noting that using too much control surface deflection can create secondary control effects that can make the plane even harder to control. The most common being adverse aileron yaw which can result in an uncontrolled downward spiral if flying too slowly.
Looking at your video I have a suspicion there were instances where this was actually beginning to happen.
I note also that it flew away quite nicely immediately after each launch. My advice under such circumstances is to do as little as possible and concentrate on just keeping the wings level & the plane climbing gently. Only when there is plenty of height (several times higher than in the video!) start and maintain a gentle a turn until it is no long flying away from you. Adjust the flight path so it does not fly directly back at you as the ailerons will 'feel' reversed until your brain has learned to compensate automatically for the effect.
Once at height you can considering reducing the power to stop it climbing and when flying straight and level its a good idea to cut the power to see how it actually glides. When you can make the plane go more or less where you want then is the time to start thinking about where to put the plane in the sky and its height so it can come into land.
The initial 'fully controlled' flight is nerve wracking but very rewarding.
Keep at it!
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