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Thank you

Trying to build my next glider based on Swift S1 aerobatic glider......

I've done the basic fuselage :-
Click image for larger version

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Next, I am going to hollow out the fuselage between the wings and the tailplane without weakening the structure and then wings (2 meter span).
This glider will be powered by 3s 1000 mah battery (weighs 75 grams) and I am changing the motor and propeller as well.
I am going to use a 6 inch folding prop and a 2024 micro brushless motor (weighs only 20 grams).

Things that went wrong from the first glider :-
My first glider had too much angle of incidence and too much torque from the motor due to big propeller size...
Second glider had negative angle of incidence of the wing and was a little tail heavy...
Third glider did not turn ...
The first two gliders were also little bit on the heavier side....
So, I am just being careful this time while building....

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