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My Father was involved in the flight routes and use of Concorde - being Chief Flight Ops with CAA ... but he always said from day one - it was a dream that would be its own downfall. The Passenger / fuel per miles equation was so out of market compared to wide body jets etc. like 747 that were coming into service. He was very proud of it and his work though.
According to him - there were plans and thoughts to 'militarise' it - but the Services were strapped for cash, didn't want to have the burden of it ... and basically the changes needed would have been so dramatic that its performance would have suffered.

As a youngster coming through school - my Father made it known to me that his hope was that after Flight Training at Hamble, which he had secured place for me - entry into BA - that I would Pilot Concorde. I turned down the place in Hamble and went to sea instead.

Anyway - back to the Hunter !!
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