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It flies at virtually scale speed..
Very pale green/blue is perhaps not the best colour for RC flying.

I have an admission to make.
When I was a lad I went with my Dad to Farnborough most years. When I was 12 I actually saw 111 squadron, The Black Arrows, do their record breaking 22 Hunter loop display, they actually looped all 22 twice.
Click image for larger version

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Any way I still had quite a bit of XPS so I decided to build an Black Arrows F6 as a comparison to the Hunter prototype. I also bought a nice 11 blade 50 mm EDF for it.
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The only real difference is the saw tooth and extended outer leading edge, the airbrake literally stuck onto the fuselage underside and the two infamous 'Sabrina' cartridge case bins.
The complete XPS 'Black Arrow' Hunter F6.
Click image for larger version

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Not yet flown.
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