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Originally Posted by SUPERSPORT View Post
I just bought your HURC 50A ESC and BL 2820/07 motor for my T-28.

I don't know what happened but I tried to set the TR first. I think I may have pulled the stick back too soon, don't know. Anyway at one point the motor was running when the throttle stick was down. I have no idea what all I did because it happened too fast.

The manual that came with it says reset whenever a new transmitter is used but how do I get back to that setting? When I put throttle all the way up, then plug in ESC, I get the ESC program tones, not the throttle range tones.

I get 3 climbing tones, 2 beeps, then a musical set and I'm in program mode. How do I get the 3 climbing notes, cell count, 2 beeps so I can pull throttle back?
Quick question, is your transmitter throttle servo reversed in the transmitter?
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