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I just flew the Albatros in dead still air outside. I take back what I said about needing power to turn. It turns fine in a power off glide. It must have been the wind messing with me the 1st time. It does not seem able to do a rudder roll no matter how high you start. Outside loops just resulted in a steep dive with a panic pull up as the earth approached fast. It will not snap roll. But I have not added rudder throw from how it came out of the box so maybe with more rudder it might. In my opinion it will fly slow. As I said I maxed out the elevator throw. With it trimmed full nose up and throttle reduced to where it just maintains altitude it flys around very slow and is totally under cotrol. One thing I like about the Albatros as opposed to the Champ is that in a turn it does not drop the nose like the Champ does. My Champ requires a lot of up elevator to make a level turn. The Albatros only needs a little and is much more in line with what I would expect. Where the Albatros really shines is in it's appearance in the air. If you appreciate scale then you will like this airplane. If you want to do aerobatics beyond a simple loop then you will be disappointed with this one. It is a very gentle and enjoyable flyer. It just looks cool.

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