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Originally Posted by fr4nk1yn View Post
I'm not sure what OS it's running. Propriatory I'm sure.
The Polaris browser is used by a lot of LG phones, A bunch of Samsung phones and a couple Motorolas.
Yep, Polaris is proprietary. I am not quite sure what to do (or if there is anything I can do). All this mod does is identifies that it is a mobile browser on entry and direct to the mobile style. The mobile style is more or less the normal style on nutrisystem.

Originally Posted by Yaniel View Post
i love this feature, its gotten to the point i only look at mobile enhanced sites from the crackberry now. this site is partnered with rcu right? any chance they'll be implementing this feature?
RCU is our sister site. Same owner different Management . I am not sure if they will or can adapt a similar version there. RCU is written on a completely different platform from WF. Ill push the question up for consideration though
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