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I just bought an LG Rumor. I just found out it's using "Polaris 5.01".
I'm not quite sure this is a good idea ):
Now I'm checking Wattflyer from my car at stoplights, in the supermarket and hiding in the restroom at work checking posts.

I'm having some issues though that probably Rumor specific. I have'nt found much troubleshooting info yet.
Pages don't fully load and I get an "insufficient memory memory" error. This doesn't happen in thread pages
I don't get those on any other site even CNN with images loading.

The graphics are kinda "wonky".
The main page is good and once in the actual thread the page is good, but subforums have a truncated "Announcements" on the right half of the screen and the icon takes the left half.
Farther down on the page the stickys,and threads, are truncated on the left with the right side being blank.
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