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Originally Posted by Smaug View Post
First, if there's a link you can give me that explains it, along with unexpected things, can you point me in that direction.

Second, I think I know the basic theory, but doing is different altogether.

I bought the T-Hawk and am awaiting delivery. It has a 3 channel transmitter with a single stick on the right, and a slider for throttle on the left back side.
  1. If I push the stick forward, that is down elevator, right?
  2. If I pull it towards me, it is up elevator, right?
  3. If I push the stick left, that is left rudder, (since there are no ailerons) correct?
  4. ..and vice-versa for pushing it right, correct?
But mainly, I'm wondering what is going to suprise me. For instance, I read somewhere that when I dial in some left rudder, the plane will start to bank and turn left, but that when I let the stick return to center, the plane will still be turning left. Is that true? Does it also work like that for elevator inputs, so that it will keep going up or down until I apply counter-elevator to level it off?

What about hand-launching? Will have to trim in some up elevator so it doesn't crash as soon as it's out of my hand?

How do I hold the transmitter (I'm righty) when I'm throwing the plane?

I heard that the instructions for the T-Hawk say to climb to 100' or so, then cut motor power and practice some controls on the way to a landing. Is this a good way to start? What's next?

Any other tips or things to watch for? (remember, I'm totally green)

(Assume I don't have an instructor)

Thanks in advance.


PS - I'm going to have my wife take some digital video of my first flights, so you will be able to see how your advice helps, and maybe have a laugh or two, hehehe.
When I and a group of flyers were learning to fly R/C in the early '80's, one axiom we found true was to always fly "3 mistakes high".

I started with an electric single channel foamie that was rudder only. This let me understand better the function of the rudder, and later on with a powered glider, with rudder and elevator together, I learned the functions of both, and how they relate or function together.

We all glued our planes together many times, and I went through about six or so planes, or so it seems now, anyway, before learning to fly well enough to only crash occasionally, and not tear the plane up totally. BTW, if a crash is inevitable, bring the throttle immediately back to zero. This will greatly lessen the damage to the aircraft. It really helps a lot, most of the time, it seems. Also, we HAD to learn by ourselves, as there was no one around to help us. We would have gladly used an instructor if we could have found one.

I still have several nitro planes from that time, but now am trying to go totally electric, and have a plane called the Mini Manta by 3D Kits, run by Will Shepard. It is a bare bones kit and almost indestructible, according to his videos. The MM is not produced now, but a twin version is being sold only through this month, I understand, and maybe next spring for a time, and he seems to be phasing it out, then.

Has anyone out there flown either of these planes? I would like to know their experiences, if they have.


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