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Originally Posted by Smaug View Post
Wow Ed, I'm humbled by that response. Thanks a lot. I'm going to start a Word file to put all these great tips in, for later use. Or print them, or both.

I downloaded the FMS program & installed it on my computer. I need to look into how to control it. My 27 MHz radio doesn't have have jack for a buddy cord, so I hope I can get some other type of controller... The program itself looks great, and I have downloaded the T-Hawk model for it.

I've signed up for AMA (the trial deal for $20 for three months) and contacted local club members through AMAs table of local flyers. (though much of the stuff is out of date...)

Thanks a lot for the tips everyone. Maybe this is a candidate for a thread that should be archived or made sticky in this forum? That way, the experienced flyers could put their heart into it, and not worry that some newb will come along every week asking the same question.

Why Smaug, I am shocked that anything would humble a Dragon. Dragons were flying long before men even dreamed of it! I am honored by your words.

As for using FMS, I think watt_the?! makes a good suggestion. Had not thought of that. watt_the?!, can you find one of these on-line and provide a link? I would like to include it in the info I provide to new flyers


Aside from what watt_the?! suggests, there are two ways to get a proper hook up for FMS.

1) pick up a cheap, used 4 channel radio with a trainer port. Any FM radio should work and it doesn't even have to have a working transmitter. Buddy Boxes are just 4 channel radios with the transmitter removed or left out. I picked up a used Futaba Conquest radio for $10 just for this purpose. If you hook up with a club there may be someone who would loan or sell you an old used radio cheap. The one I have actually works and I could use it to fly a plane if I wished.

2) Commit big time and get yourself a computer radio. This is a $100-$200 commitment and probably more than you want to do right now. See if you can find what watt_the?! suggests.

If you liked the post above you may also find value here:

The New Flyer's Handbook
by Ed Anderson - AEAJR on the Forums

If you are new to RC Flying, this series of articles may be helpful in your
training. Consider them part of a beginners handbook. They are written with
the new flyer in mind.

How RC Planes Differ from RC Cars


Take Off and Land into the Wind

Parts of the Plane

The Radio - The Pilot's Cockpit

Why Join a Club

Lost Model Locators

Radio Systems Part 1 - Standard Radios

Radio Systems Part 2 - Computer Radios - A Better Investment


Landing techniques

The AMA, the Academy of Model Aeronautics, is an outstanding resource to the
new and experienced flyer. I encourage you to become a member. Here is an
outstanding series of articles published by the AMA that will be really useful
to new pilots. It is called, "From the Ground Up" by Bob Aberle. I highly
recommend it.

RC Clubs in the United States:

International RC Clubs

An excellent site for new flyers by Ian Pullar of Australia

Another great resource for new flyers by Patrick Plawner

New Electric Flyer FAQs

Electric Motor information
Click on Motor Chart link on this page too

Reviews on electric motors

Plane reviews

Reviews on radio equipment

Good luck new pilot and welcome to RC flying!
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