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I'm thoroughly convinced people WAY over think battery charging for a flying day. Preparation is always the key to success. Way back in the very early 80's when I was racing off road R/C I ALWAYS showed up with my cars fully rebuilt, ready to race and my NiCad packs fully charged. I always "peaked" my packs using a good old fashioned lead acid car battery just before I set the car down on the start line before each race. I was always first into turn one to miss the pile ups and won most races by a large margin because I made sure my packs had the highest possible voltage at the start and my cars were 100% race ready.

I still use the same procedures when I fly. I charge all batteries BEFORE I leave home. Now with LiPo's it's not as critical but sometimes I still do a "top off" charge using my car battery only if it's a performance plane I intend to fly. I NEVER worry about the car battery going flat and making me walk home. It just isn't going to happen. Again, preparation is the key to success. Charge all batteries BEFORE you leave home and have a great flying day. Be lazy and wait for batteries to charge at the field then you get to sit and watch others fly while you charge. I have NO sympathy for you. Forget about the field battery. If you charge before you get there and you need to charge again your car battery should be able to (within reason) provide more than several LiPos could pull from it.


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