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Question Operating my LiPo Charger from batteries

I am planning on trying a few new flying locations in a desert area. Being such, there is no power there to power my charger, and I do not want to switch over to gas until I fly awhile and see if I like the locations or not. Being the locations are some distance in the desert, I really don't want to use any vehicle to charge it that I depend on getting back to civilization with. I currently use a SkyRC iMAX B6 and charge 2/3 cell LiPo's from 450-2200 MaH. The charger book says you can power it with 12-18vdc I believe it was. Has anyone tried using like a wet cell of some type like a garden tractor battery to power one to charge their batteries? I tried it one time using a electric gate battery, but it turned off after like 15 minutes and said the voltage was too low to operate. The gate battery was not in great or new condition, but I wonder if the charger really needs 14 vdc like when a car that uses a 123 volt system is running to charge.

Anyone run their chargers strictly off a battery(s)? Any advice??

I'm planning on charging mostly 1300-2200 batteries and I believe a 2200 MaH battery stores about 2.2 amps of power in it. If I wanted to charge a 3 cell 2200MaH battery 9 times, would I need something like at least a 20 amp battery plus what the actual charger would use for the charging process? I dunno, looking for some advice... Thank You in advance for any help or recommendations.
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