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Default Giant Scale Electric Models

Originally Posted by x-nitro View Post
hey guys and gals !! stay with me here { new-be} first thing , im a 20 yr veteran to r/c planes/heli's,,,but ALL nitro ..i have a few questions on this battery stuff..im leaning towards the Great Planes Performance Series® Extra 300 SP ARF..ive done alot of internet reading on this plane and seems to be great..and alot of electric planes /motors/batteries..MOST planes only require ONE lipo batttery,,why does this set up require 2 ? can i do a one battery set up ? im also going with the hitec optic sport w 4-hs485 deluxe servos [always been a hitec fan] Never have had radio failure or n e thing !! im also wondering--the set up on the great planes page is callin for a 15x7 e prop ??
really ?? i really prefer tons of power vs alot of speed--15x6=14x6 ??
im also lookin at the blitz rc work G4 quad intelligent charger, just in case i HAVE to use 2 batteries thanks for ur time and help me ditch this nito @#$T !!!

Yup, been there, done that. Giant scale electric conversion is fairly easy to do. But a warning here, it won't be cheap! Especially if you use name brand power equipment in your models. Electric motors tend to be able to swing big diameter propellers, notably larger in diameter than an equivalent glow engine. My Hacker A50-16S motor has a 16X12 prop on it that turns about 6700 RPM, pulling about 1100 Watts or so. That's installed in an 8 pound Showtime 50 that will fly straight up out of sight, and far outperforms a club members identical model with a four stroke 70 sized glow engine. Of course I get 6 minute flights with a three minute reserve. The glow engine can fly for near double that time.

On the other hand, since you have very little vibration in your models, your airplanes and its radio system will last a LOT longer. I'm still flying a model scratch built in 2002 that has well over 1000 flights on it, and actually had to replace the monocote covering because it got brittle from to much sun.

Another concern is the battery packs. For LiPo batteries, general opinion is they should be charged in periods of about an hour or so for best life for those $$$$ LiPos. I've been using A123 cells now for 5 flying seasons, and the first A123 battery pack has over 300 flights on it, with the same exact performance as when they were brand new five years ago.

These A123 cells are heavier by about 30% than a Lipo, and are also larger in physical size. On the other hand, they can be charged as fast as your charger can go. I charge my 12S2P (12 series 2 parallel) packs in about 20 minutes with a Cellpro Powerlab 8 Charger. Yeah it does get expensive. And you pretty much have to build up an A123 battery pack yourself.

Right now, I've got the Giant Scale Big Stick powered by a Hacker A60-16M motor, 12S2P A123 pack, 19X12 APC-E (Electric) prop that turns about 7000 RPM. That power system hauls that Big Stick straight up out of sight.

Take a look at what's involved:

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Great Planes Giant Big Stick Electric Conversion

Thread on 70 size glow engine conversion to electric

Hacker 6S2P A123 powered Models
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