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Verdict after pal inspected :

Gimbal and Camera are undamaged.

Cables intact.

But mainboard is not operating properly.

Power side is faulty and will not switch off.

GPS is OK.

2.4 is not being transmitted from AC.

5.8 does not seem to be listening to controller commands.

Conclusion : 99% probability that mainboard is shot and preventing operation ... gimbal and camera likely OK, GPS is ok.

Repairs : We could fit a new mainboard for about 150 Euros, but no g'tee that gimbal is actually without fault. If it has - then that will cost another 250 Euros on top ... making total more than a second hand or refurb ...

I have possibility to pick up a P3S which has a motor problem ... so waiting sellers reply. Combine mine with his and I think I'll be back in the air ...

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