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I've used the "monokote hinge" method on up to .90 glow with no issues... for mild performance aircraft. That is not far removed from the clear packing tape hinges.

Bird of Time has relatively low loads on the hinges.

The #1 cause of failure for the fuzzy "CA hinges" is use of the wrong glue. THIN CA only. Medium and Thick tend to deposit solids in the hinge line which will stretch the hinge material and cause it to fail.
Thinner is better... cheap Dollar Store super glue that doesn't seem to hold anything else together seems to work really well. 6 drops per side of each hinge... it just wicks right in.

Excess gap and oversize hinge slots can also cause problems for the "CA Hinges"


Replacing with other types ... there are many types and just about any can work if installed properly.
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