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Default Bottom Wing ...

Actual build ... I will post in stages as I go through the model ..

The manual starts with the bottom wing. It has separate servos for each aileron and screwed down plates to hold the servo's.

First is to complete the hingeing of the ailerons .... manual shows them in place, moved and CA dropped in to set the hinges in place. Well I tried it that way and nearly lost a couple of hinges inside wing where they weren't trapped enough. So I did it my usual way .. glue into one side and then offer up and glue other ... That way I could have the hinges halved correctly.

TIP : when you glue to one side ... get a marker pen and make a dot in line with the hinge - so you have a marker to tell you where it is when closed up in place !

Once they are in place it's move on to the servo mounts ... TAKE CARE removing these .. they are held in place by clear tape on one corner - if you just pull it away - you can split the covering ...

First you have to choose the right size Triangle mounts and then CA these into the holes provided.

TIP : Make sure you allow for the servo grommets or other that you may use .. the slot in the plate for the arm to come through is a bit close to the servo and arm may foul top edge.

Second : Corona 929 Metal geared that I am fitting are too long and have an overhang at the back end .. this fouls the wing mount and I had to use 2 layers of servo tape to get clearance ...

The triangles to mount the servos are not in my opinion strong enough to put up with hard flying as I intend .. so I double mounted using those + servo tape to be sure.

TIP : take a 1.5mm drill and drill those triangles to take your servo screws .. even then when installing screws - the triangles came of the plate ...

Take real care when fitting the plates and their screws ... I would suggest driiling pilot holes in the small wing lugs that screws bite into ...

To get your servo leads through the wing ribs - they have provided threads that are fixed by small cards under the plates ... and after you cut at the dots in centre panel .. bit of clear tape to connect lead and thread ... carefully pull through..

Servos mounted ... onto the horns. On first inspection of the ailerons - you can see the pin-pricks made by factory. At first they appear 90 deg's out ... but later you realise that the interlink horn for top / bottom ailerons are mounted in line with servo ..

The servo rods are too long as supplied and the keepers are difficult to use. So I solved both problems in one move - I used Z bends in rod ends ... and clevis other end for adjustment.

I like that horns are more traditional with screws through to backing plates - instead of the usual chinese glued on type.
The rods are of sufficient diameter to be stiff and not flex.

TIP : If you are going to use separate Rx points for the aileron servos as I am ... then with marker pen - note the Rx # next to the lead for future reference ...

Before moving on to cabane /interplane struts ... use of the Iron to remove wrinkles, tack down loose film ends etc. and to tighten up what appears to be slack film.

Next post will be Top wing along with interplane struts / control linkages ...
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