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Thanks, to be honest i am steering now toward the Overlander li-po's, their Sport 2200mAh lists as genuine 25C constant (more than enough, i'm only looking at 25A load max), 40C burst and 2C charge (which is as much as my current charger will provide). The interesting thing though is that it's listed as weighing only 165g, which i think is quite light for a 2200, i've seen 1800's weight in at a similar weight. At 20 a go that does seem like a great deal, I think I'll try one and see how it goes before buying a few more if it performs well.

This leads me onto my next question. I have a pro-peak mercury-ex li-po charger which provides upto a 5A charge and is fully programmable, but doesn't do any cell balancing. It seems overlander do a cell balancer designed to go between the charger and the battery:


Not sure whether this would be sufficient or whether i should bite the bullet and replace my charger too. Back in my day we didn't worry about balancing cells ?!? Seems things have moved on

Any advice on balancing / charger greatly welcomed. Be nice to actually fly again one day once I've caught up

Thanks again guys, appreciate the feedback.
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