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Default VIP no fly zone. Trump nightmare for New Jersey.

OK, so maybe i'm jumping the gun here , but Donald Trump just anounced he will be spending weekends at a private golf coarse he owns in New Jersey. It's located 88miles south of where I live.
A No Fly Zone has a inner circle of 20 mile radius. The outter circle extends another 60 miles. Thats over 3700 sq miles and scary close to the FAA adding our flying field to the NFZ just because we are located on the very edge and farthest most north of the areas that may be involed..

I truly hope not,but some of the best club fields in NJ are south of me where theres plenty of beautiful AMA sanctioned places to fly. Here's my suggestion to AMA. They need to negotiate somehow that rc aircraft not capable of flying over 12miles should be exempt if flown at a "sanctioned" AMA club field!!!! I have a FPV wing that could fly the distance of 12miles out and back ,but not the FPV gear to go that far. So during a NFZ[no fly zone] I should be allowed to obey the law of FPV'ing and fly line of sight over the club field.

If you have thoughs on the FAA regulations regaring vip no fly. Do share, but PLEASE, don't talk politics. This is a AMA and FAA topic only and how our rights to enjoy our hobby at sanctioned AMA fields are being unduly abused.

The temptation to talk about Tax dollars spent on our presidents vacation locations[ Florida, and now NJ] is off topic. Start another thread in a different forum other than Wattflyer.

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