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Potential New Brand: The Best Corded Vacuum Cleaners Worth Buying From VAX

Vax is a popular vacuum cleaner company in the United Kingdom with extremely quality product lines. However, mainly this company only produces domestically so it is not too popular in other markets.

It took me long enough to learn about vacuum cleaners or was introduced to this company by England friends before I knew about it and was really surprised.

Today's article will give you useful information about the 3 Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners - The Best Vacuum Cleaners from Vax.

About the brand Vax

Vax UK Ltd was founded in 1977 by Alan Brazier - an expert in industrial carpet cleaning.

In terms of vision, Vax aims to become a manufacturer of electrical appliances and cleaning products specializing in the field of air handling and floor care.

Although Vax's vacuum cleaner has a much higher cost than other equipment on the market, it is still appreciated by many superior products in terms of design, features and technology.

Top 3 best-rated vacuum cleaners of Vax (Wired vacuum cleaner line)

1. VAX Air Lift Range

Described with adjectives like Powerful, Multi-spindle and the UK's lightest corded vacuum - the VAX Air Lift Range seems confident in what it does.

The machine is priced at $120 in the UK market and has the following features:
  • Powerful performance, strong suction for comprehensive cleaning both on carpets and on hardwood floors.
  • Multi-cyclone technology with the advantage of not losing suction power during the cleaning process. The suction power of the machine is always maintained and evenly distributed throughout the entire working time to help the house stay in the cleanest condition.
  • Separated machine parts that can be form a handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Lightweight, only 3.5kg for the detached body. Although it is a corded vacuum, the total weight of the VAX Air Lift is extremely light, notably the weight of the detachable body which is considered the lightest among the separate bodies.
  • Flexibility: With a separate design, this best-rated vacuum cleaner allows you to flexibly move between many terrains from home, carpet to car…
  • Flexible movement technology: helps move the machine between gaps, obstacles more smoothly

2. VAX Air Stretch Range

This is also one of VAX's Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners with these features:
  • Extremely powerful suction, the total weight of the body and the machine is only 5kg - very easy to move even if you have stairs or rough terrain
  • Price: cheaper than Air Lift Range (only $100)
  • Equipped with an extension hose and an extension cord. The total length of the machine can be moved up to 17m
  • Diverse nozzles suitable for every terrain in the house
3. VAX Air Cylinder Range

This is a good vacuum cleaner in the $90 price range. Some advantages that you will enjoy when buying the machine:
  • Cheaper than the previous two with similar technologies and performance
  • Advanced HEPA filter blocks 99.98% of dust and allergens
  • Large dust capacity allows long-term cleaning in large spaces without constant dusting
  • Turbo tool removes dirt, debris, fur, hair... in the house thoroughly
Although VAX is still quite new to a large number of foreign users, it is one of the top rated vacuum cleaners in the UK. Indeed, when you have tried VAX's vacuum, it will be difficult to criticize any points except for the slightly high price.

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