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Originally Posted by gramps2161 View Post
Jim sounds like a good time would of loved to have seen Rob's fuselage depart from the wing. One of those what the F#%# moments.
Well next season I hope to get to more of them it is a blast trying to cut ribbons, and not to hit each other at the same time. I missed going up for the last gremlin competition.
Unfortunately I had to watch the granddaughter instead no way was I going to take her along.
I got Gremlin II ready and flown last Sat. flew nice just like a gremlin should.
Looks good. I've programmed it into my targeting computer now

I totally understand about Grandpa daycare duties. That is how I spend a good part of my week also.

The Gremlins fly well all winter since they don't need a runway to take off and land, they don't care about the footprints in the snow. Just be careful because the PVC gets brittle when it gets too cold out
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