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Thanks Chellie. That's my Bipe-X design. 1st 3D bipe design and wanted to lighten it up as much as possible since bipes aren't known to be the lightest. Milled out all control surfaces too. Have done 2 more versions. V1.2 seems to be the best overall at 3D/pattern. I've got a company evaluating an airframe now and hopefully in the near future we should see it on the market. I'll let everyone else make the next best Ultimate and Pitts for 3D. I decided not to try and work out the bad tendencies of most bipes and start from a blank sheet of paper. Since it seems to fly well I'm working on a full fuse/wing 42" version now and will scale up to 80" if that performs well. Going to be fun. Didn't really like bipes but this has changed my mind. Also working on an AMA pattern bipe for a friend. No one makes a bipe for the lower classes(non FAI/F3A) manuevers. So this is an attempt to make a more point and shoot bipe. Here's the Bipe-X thread:
Here's a couple of vids, one of each version:

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