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Agreed - Scale weight won't produce scale looking speed.
What appears to the eyes to be scale speed will the same number of fuselage lengths per sec as the full size.
Here's why:
If you want it to fly that slow you're going to have to get the wing loading way down!

It's also going to be very important to make sure you have no slop in your rudder linkages - with such a small fixed fin/large rudder area you'll end up with yaw instability 'stickfixed' (hands free in straight and level.)

Probably wise to add in some negative decalage -although the full size had both wings at the same incidence by the look of it. Because of the negative stagger, the wings should 'toe in' i.e. the upper wing has a smaller degree of incidence than the lower wing. This means that (in theory) the lower wing will stall first and cause nose down pitching moment. Should make things more predictable in the stall...
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