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Okay, here are the original specs:
Wing span: 25ft 8in.
Gap: 4ft 10in.
Wing area: 212.1 sq ft.
Length: 22ft.
Height: 9ft 1.5in.
Chord: 4ft 6in.
Negative stagger: 2ft 3in.
*Dihedral: 4 degrees. 30 minutes; incidence 2 degrees, washing in to 2 degrees 15 minutes at port interplane struts.*
Span of tail: 8ft 4.5in
Wheel track: 5ft
Tailplane area: 13.4 sq ft.
Elevator area: 12.2 sq ft (on either side of fuse)
Rudder area: 6.3 sq ft.
Fin area: 2.2 sq ft.
Aileron area: 11.6 sq ft (each)
*= Direct quote
Despite my best efforts, a typo or two may have slipped through in my posts about the model's specs, or, to e lesser extent, the full scale specs. If you come across something weird or that diverges from what I posted, let me know, for that may be the cause.
BTW, thanks for another very informative link, Yak
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