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Default A 'sort of' old timer has had a kit & plans out of "Old Fogey" that recalls the models of the 30's & 40's, and I love those old planes. I copied the plans and built the tail group out of Dollar Tree poster board and built the fuselage out of 1" home insulation. There were some complaints of dutch rolls from the kit built models but mine flies as smooth as butter. In fact it's the best and slowest flying plane in my arsenal. Love it! This is a prototype for me and I'll build another copy that doesn't look as rough as the original. I hung a 900 kv Suppo motor on it, a 9' slow fly prop, it's way overpowered but was the only motor I had close to what I needed, a 20 amp esc but the new build will have a 30 amp on board.
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