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Originally Posted by mclarkson View Post
I dunno. 10.6V is only 3.5V per cell which is your LVC. It could be a simple case of no juice in the batteries, especially if the ESC didn't shut down the motor.
That would be highly unlikely.. the BEC only outputs 5V and only requires slightly over 5V input to operate. If the LiPo is measuring 10.5V then the BEC had more than enough input voltage to work properly. Remember that standard ESCs are designed to work with 2 cell battery packs that would have much lower voltage than 10.5v, even when fully charged.

The default LVC voltage in a ESC usually set at about 3.2v per cell, so that's 9.6 volts for a 3 cell pack. That would of course be under load but it's perfectly possible that if you were not working the battery too hard you would not have hit the 3.2V per cell LVC with a 3 cell battery that has a resting voltage of 10.5V...

Bottom line is 10.5V is low but in itself would not have caused the radio to fail. I'm sure Kyle hit the nail on the head with his comment about the BEC shutting down.

It seems that most medium and larger ESC's you can buy these days have switching BECs, even the cheap Hobbyking type items... It's really only the smaller ESC's that still commonly have linear BECs.
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