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Thanks for the quick responses...I have the specs here...

Stock Number: GPMA0435
Wingspan: 58.25 in (1480 mm)
Fuselage Length: 51 in (1295 mm)
Wing Loading: 26-28 oz/ftē (79-85 g/dmē)
Wing Area: 628 inē (41 dmē)
Weight: 7-7.5 lb (3180-3400 g)
Requires: 2-stroke .60-.75 (10-12.5 cc) engine

It is on the heavier side but, I am trying to lighten it of course...

I plan on flying this fast so I would love to have all of or more power than needed to make it fly well...

I can spend $300.00 on the setup if needed but of course a less expensive setup is preferred...

I guess what I mean is I will spend the money necessary to have this thing powered well without worries...

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