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mmmm by ESC I think you mean RX ??

Is the 9X still on FlySky out of box Firmware ?

OK - what 3 channels are working ? You do not say.

First thing to do is to remove propellor !! Just in case.

Second - remove all servo plugs from RX except the throttle one from ESC.

Third is to plug in one by one separately to a working channel to make sure all servos are working WITH the RX ... take care as you will be plugging different controls to that channel in turn - so only check works and disconnect immediately.

Once you have confirmed that all work as they should by the one channel - then plug servos back to their respective Rx pins - checking all working each time you add a plug ... When you plug in and find that one not working ... go back to Tx and check the screen display where it can show stick / control movements. Is the display showing that channel working ? Are you sure that you have the correct menu item assigned to that channel ? Try all the switches and knobs to see which moves the servo.

I remember the trouble I had with 9X original software where Aux channels were not so obvious to activate. I soon flashed the Tx to ER9X and all was much better.

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