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Default Restored Vintage SIG Kavalier

OK so here is a glow powered story, I know I know... Wattflyer but I like all aspects of the hobby...

I started work in the Great Smoky Mountains National back in March. I have been getting settled in and doing some training to get up to speed on on park policies. I was attending some training down in Atlanta at our regional offices and another girl, Our Back Country Management Specialist was attending the training as well.

During introductions in class we had to tell a bit about ourselves so I mentioned flying radio control aircraft. We were talking about it later and she mentioned that her Father had passed away a while back and they did not know what to do with his R/C stuff and asked if I would like to have it to see if it would be worth keeping or not. Of course I said I would love to see it. The rest of the week went by without any further mention of it so I let it out of my mind as well.

A few weeks later back at the park she called me up and said she had the stuff in her car. She had gone all the way to New Jersey from East Tennessee to get it and bring it all back to me.

Much to my surprise were some awesome airplanes and associated field gear. The two main gems are a Sig Cadet and Kavalier.

I tried several times to give her some money but she would not take it. She said her and her mother decided to gift them to me in hopes they would continue to enjoyed by an R/C enthusiast.

Well the engines (yes the nasty glow stuff... lol) were seized so it took some work to get them going. I wanted to keep them as original as possible in hopes of reviving them to their former glory. An overnight bath in a crock pot full of glycol freed everything up so I could tear them down and get them all cleaned and lubed up.

So one down one to go. Both engines are now purring along and the Kavalier has been flown. Will get the Kadet up this weekend weather permitting.

The Kavalier is all original down to the servos. The only new items are a glow plug, receiver battery and receiver.

It is so cool to revive something like this. And to be such a cool plane to boot makes it even better

Not the best video, was wearing my go pro on my head so no zooming in and such. But you can tell how nice this thing flies! Her dad was quite the builder.
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