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Default Super Cp has slower climb after crash

Hi everybody!

I'm New, i'm Alessandro from Italy!

I have a Super Cp since a while, but the other day something happened after a crash.
When i took off againg the climb was very slow, like if the battery was drained...then i changed the battery, just fresh charged and with the telemetry indicating 4.2v...and was the same...
I checked the swash plate, the blades, everything...
Tryied other batteries but nothing..
Then i checked the pitch travel and i noticed that the maximung pitch in normal mode was far lower than the one in throttle hold mode...
So i changed the pitch travel from 100% to 150% and i could climb faster again.. But i feel the motor slowing down the rpm when climbing at max pitch, and i think this wasn't happening before...

I also have a brand new new batteries fully charged and new motor, but strange behavior after the crash...

Any idea or suggestion about it?

THANK YOU GUYS, any help would be really appreciated!!
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