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Default SERVOS: hs55, hs56, s75, ds/jr821

I have a few unexpected expenses that popped up. My wife decided to leave the GPS unit on the windshield of the car and when the snow came, the suction gave way and it fell. Well I do not have a spare $400 to replace it with so it is time clear out some unused inventory from the shop.
I am sure there is more and as I get time to organize, I will list more. For now here is what I was able to find. My camera battery is dead so there are no pics. I will try to take some tomorrow and post them.
CONUS and PAYPAL only, unless you have dealt with me, Powerlines or rcproptester in the past.

Trades only for a new TOMTOM 740live, R921 rx, or a charging cable for my sony camcorder that my wife lost

10 - HS55 - $65 some with ears some not. Some with glue residue, some not
2 HS56 - $22 no bottom ears
3 S75 Eflite - $21 not too sure if they have mounting ears
1 S75 Spektrum - $7 not too sure if it has the mounting ears
12 DS821 Spektrum - $200 or $70 for 4 (new from tx boxes)
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