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Yeah, TL- and oceans 2 and 3 miles deep.... good day to be 'out of town!'

Here's a description of the event I found in the Atlantis Rising Archives. Lots of non-mainstream theories that take into account things like Out Of Place Artifacts and all the things the Official Explanations have to ignore to be believable.

Whoever built all the pyramids all over the world knew the cycle of these shifts and built it into the architecture, aligned to the stars with stunning precision and a tunable crystal structure (King's Chamber) for... what?! Torches would have left soot on the ceiling- so how did they light the interior?

The Mayans prepared for 200 yrs before it hit and spread their culture and science around the globe and started over, like the Atlanteans before them.

The best reason for all this I found in an AR mag. The solar system travels a sinosoidal path and moves above and below the arms of the Milky Way's Galactic Plane. In so doing it sees a different polarity and it flips to align itself to it, just like the Magnets 101 experiment... but a lot messier!

Altho its left unsaid in Sitchen's tale of Utnapishtim's Flood, The Anunaki knew it was going to happen- but they neither caused it or could do anything about it. It was bigger than them too! Design flaw or auto-renewal? Will Enki again provide an escape for a 'lucky few' who get to start over? We'll have to wait and see...

Happy New Year.
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