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Originally Posted by TLyttle View Post
I didn't realise that they had established a date for the polar flip routine; seems to me that the last time it happened was ~11,000 years ago, and the victims pointed to are the Mastodons, frozen solid with fresh grass in their stomachs. That, gentlemen is flash freezing at an unbelievable scale, possible only by exposure to outer space... Even the meat is edible.

See the Mayan Calandar- it ends on that date- after 12,000 yrs!

Polarity reversal will reverse the rotation of the Earth and all the air and seas will lag behind and be the engine of destruction that wipes the surface clean. The mastodons were probably near the equator when it started- and ended up at the poles when the Earth shifted- and froze along with all the lush vegetation around it. The frozen land at the poles were moved to thaw somewhere more temperate.
It's gonna be a REAL BAD DAY!

Also, a book sometime ago (Ages of Gaia?) mentioned that mankind was an infection, and the Earth (a living, complete, organism) has to shake off the infection when it becomes dangerous to its health.

Once you realize that all those trees, plants, and everything else is ALIVE- it makes you wonder! Perhaps she is as wise- and ALIVE- as she is BIG!

Makes ya wonder about the worth of your pension funds, doesn't it?
You mean you haven't specified getting your retirement in EUROS
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