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Default Rudder not working right.. help!

Hello, I need some help!
Today when i was about to go fly, my rudder started acting up.

So, the issue is quite weird and i dont really know how to explain it but..
when the motor is all the way off, my rudder is all the way to the left, and i am not able to turn it at all. It is just stuck. But if i increase the throttle to about 25% then the rudder suddenly moves to its default position and i now have full control over the rudder and can move it both left or right as normal.
But then again if i increase the throttle to about 75% and above, the rudder goes all the way to the right this time and i am again unable to move it out of there unless throttle is decreased.. so it is basically kinda linked to the throttle in a way, and i have seen nothing like it before

This has issue has appeared during the couple months that the plane has been sitting due to some new flying restrictions. And i had none of these problems the last time i flew. But now when i finally have a license i am not able to fly. Please help!

(I also have a video but i didn't see a option for it here)

Any ideas what the issue could be?
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