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Default RC conversion to a Cheetah chuck glider.

I did an RC conversion to a Lidl XL chuck glider which flew well enough but when I saw the similar sized Cheetah it looked a bit more like a true glider.
Click image for larger version

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The original wing was already in two pieces so I judged it would make an even better glider with an added constant chord centre section.
Actually a built up structure with 2mm Depron skins over 3D printed ribs and shear web.
Click image for larger version

Name:	Center2.JPG
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I judged the Depron skin would be quite adequate to handle all the flying loads.
As I did with the Lidl I added trailing edge 'extensions' to the foam outer panels to give a fine trailing edge rather than the 4 mm thick edge of the moulded foam wings.
Click image for larger version

Name:	Extensions1.JPG
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The new centre section was made to match the extended trailing edge foam wings. These trailing edge extensions also allowed the ailerons to be a bit broader without having to cut too much into the moulded foam..
The foam wing is just thick enough to allow the servo to be glued in so it lies flush with the wind underside.
Click image for larger version

Name:	ServoLink2.JPG
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Note the aileron horn is set back abut 3 mm from the hinge line to give a significant mechanical aileron differential (more up than down). Aileron differential is an important feature on a big wing span glider to limit adverse aileron yaw particularly as to save weight the Cheetah will have no rudder being flown 'bank and yank'.
To be continued.

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