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Default Kyosho Pitts S2 46 size

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 4000x3000.

I have the Kyosho Pitts S2 46 size with Irvine 51 Redhead in it ... the original Brit engine.

The engine is to put it bluntly - a PoS ... it never runs consistent - typical of Irvine !! Get a good one - BRILLIANT ... get a middle or bad one .. AWFUL.

It has long been my wish to convert to E-Power .. not because I dislike Glow - far from it - I love Glow power, but to cure this model of its power cut outs .. (I have thought to swap out for one of my trusty ASP 61' s ... ).

But the design is such that battery access is needed and to cut the fuselage would IMHO compromise its structural integrity ..

HELP !! How to convert and what power plant ? I imagine a 4S or 5S with about 4250 or more motor on about 500 - 700kv

I have a 5050 450kv which on 5S could do it .. but again the battery ??

Would it be sensible way to install LiFePo as a permanent and just connect to charge ?? My only thought bthen is time to recharge between flights.
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