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Default Need help programming a Brake on An Eflite ESC please

Hi Guys, Hope you are all keeping safe and healthy!

I'm hoping someone here can help me please?

I have a Conscendo Advanced Electric Glider.

The original ESC in the plane was faulty so I was supplied with a replacement by my model shop. The problem is that the replacement wasn't programmed to brake and try as I might to follow the Horizon Hobby manual it refuses to set a brake!

The model of the ESC isEFLA1030B (manual is here: https://www.horizonhobby.com/pdf/EFL...CInstSheet.pdf

I follow the procedure in the owners manual:
TX powered on and raise the throttle to full.
Connect Battery
Wait for the ESC to go through initial tones indicating set up then lower the throttle to centre
one beep sounds (indicating menu 1 - Low voltage cut off programming)
Wait 5 seconds
Two Beeps (moving out of low voltage menu and entering Brake Setting Menu)
one beep sounds - (no brake) ignore and do nothing with throttle
2 beeps (Soft Brake) ignore and do nothing with throttle
3 Beeps (medium brake) OR 4 beeps (Hard Brake) RAISE THROTTLE TO FULL FOR 5 SECONDS
Twio Beeps sound indicating Brake is set....

WHAT NOW??? If I do nothing the ESC just moves on to another sub menu - and NO BRAKE SET, If I raise the throttle to Full after the brake set confirmation 2 beeps sound - same thing! NO BRAKE SET If I lower the throttle to zero after the 2 beeps brake sound - Same thing! NO BRAKE SET!
Do I need to disconnect the battery as soon as I've set the brake at the 2 beeps prompt? Or am I missing something?

Frankly it's spoiling a great experience for me by sapping the glide.
Any help would be appreciated!


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