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Default XT connectors and voltage ...

OK .. the question is about XT connectors - no others. Its prompted by a yachtie who wants a low power tiny connector - he doesn't say for what but he gives info that voltage is 240V and amps at 1A max.

Now AMASS who are one of the makers of XT - when sold on ebay - many sellers say the XT90 is up to 40A. But HK who instigated the design of the XT say the 90 is 90A continuous.

So the 30 .. 60 ... similarly rated by the ID number.

OK - the question ............ What would you consider is the max voltage you could reasonably put through each of those ... at say 5A for the XT30 ... 5A for the XT60 ... 5A for the XT90 ?

I know its a daft question ... but I think it has merit ...
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