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Originally Posted by Glacier Girl View Post
Ed, something maybe to include is a warning that you need to have your brain fully engaged before doing anything related to flying or working on your plane.

I got my reminder today launching a pusher set up. Had a nice headwind so I didn't throw it as hard. Yep, 4 cuts to the bone, 3 not quite so deep, and one partially removed fingernail on my right hand.

Broke both blades on the prop, pulled the motor off the stick mount, and broke one motor lead. Not a scratch on the plane.

Been launching fast pushers for years and years, and all it took was this one time of not thinking it through.
I won't post the photos as they sure aren't pretty.

We've had two guys in our club during the past year with very serious injuries to their hand when getting mixed up with big glow and gasser engines. One of the guys permanently lost half an inch off of two different fingers.

This is a good reminder that even the "Smaller" electric models can also do substantial damage to one's person.

Got to be careful out there.
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