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Default Newbie(back after 15 years) - what do I need in modern language

Hey all,

Just after some help and advice. I used to fly years ago indoors and (badly) in the garden. Started with a classic Pico stick, built a few models and had one of those 'Edge' plane kits.

I've been thinking about it again (working in a quiet warehouse at the moment) and basically was hope someone could advise on what size things I'll need and anything else I need to consider?

I'd like to build an Und_Nu?/And_Now?/White Thing This
Which I remember learning a lot with, does anyone know of this model any more? -was pretty popular back in the day next to the more capable(wild) Nutta?

What motor and batteries do I need, it's been so long I have no idea anymore.

Also what size servos?

Appreciate any help getting up and running again 😊

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