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DFC is direct flight control. Essentially, the 450x has the grip arms running to the swash and arms running from the swash to further down the head from the grips to secure the swash movement. Oddly, smaller helis, like the mcpx and nano cpx have a form of DFC, with a bracket the keeps the grip arms 90 degrees, preventing rotation. DFC is simply more efficient...and less parts, so not sure why it isn't used as the standard. All it needs is the grips to have a mounting area parellel to to the blades, thus keeping the arms 90 degrees with the head, rather than something like the 450x, which has mounting on the grips on a ball joint perpendicular to the grips. In the end, DFC is what a tail rotor is, but with cyclic movement. The good thing is, the price:

This one is not a DFC:

With this setup, you have a 5mm shaft I believe, and you should be able to fit it into a motor. As for the milling, you could have a swashplate made or altered removing the pivoting that allows cyclic, and with that, one servo can control the swashplate with only collective.
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