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Joe and thepiper92, thanks. I'm focusing on a tail rotor assembly as opposed to a main rotor hub primarily because I only need 1 degree of freedom with regards to blade pitch... basically it can be mechanically much simpler than a main rotor head. If I went with a main rotor head I would have to use 3 servos that would move everything uniformly as I only want collective input but no cyclic.

I'm not familiar with what as3x is. As long as I get my hands on something that is sufficiently strong (mechanically) I should be able to sort out the rest fairly easily.

Right now I'm looking at something like this ( the more I think about it I may go with a geared option as opposed to direct drive. This is for two reasons. First, it may make it easier (mechanically) to connect the "collective" linkage to a servo. Secondly, it could allow for a smoother "slow start" which I think would really add a nice effect... still in the planning phase so any and all input is welcome
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