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Default Tail rotor question

Good evening everyone. So this isn't actually for a helicopter, but if anyone would know, it would be someone who follows this part of the forum. I'm building a 1/8 FMA IA-58 Pucara and would like to incorporate constant speed props. From what I can tell my best best would be to incorperate a tail rotor assembly. Having never worked with RC helicopters, I really don't know what's out there or what I should be looking for. I'm just in the design phase right now, but below are the parameters I'm starting with for the prop assembly:

12.5" Prop disk diameter
Turigy G46 420kv Direct Drive (though I am willing to change this as required)
Power will be supplied by 2x 5S (TBD)mAh batteries.
Each hub will need to support approx 100oz of static thrust.

So basically I'm looking for a few things:
-Conceptually, with you guys having worked with tail rotors, does anyone see anything glaringly wrong with the idea?
-If not, does anyone have a recommendation as to a unit that would be acceptable for this use?
-And of course, does anyone have an idea for a better solution?

I'm pretty optimistic that if I can find a suitable unit I should be able to provide a "true turboprop" appearance... super slow start on the esc with the throttle stick simply controlling the blade pitch to adjust power output. Anyways, I appreciate any and all feedback, recommendations and suggestions!
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