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Absolutely Heads Up R/C! Especially for a motor package for a twin. I learned my lesson on twins several years back. I had a matched pair of off brand El Cheapo motors that I tried on a plans built twin. Fought a yaw problem for the longest time. Only after I swapped the motors side for side did I find that the motors were crap and even though they were stamped the same KV they weren't. The yaw moved to the other side after swapping. They both went in the trash and a new pair of Scorpion 2212-22's went in and the plane flys great! Based on everything else I've bought from HURC I wouldn't hesitate to buy motors too if I wasn't already overstocked with Scorpions.

HURC is easily the best of the best of online R/C shops when it comes to customer service and honesty. Something sadly missing in the hobby anymore.

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