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Default Recommended Beginner Heli with Taranis?

I purchased a Taranis X9D Plus SE radio a couple years ago and haven't really used it much yet, but I would like to change that. I'd like to get a heli, probably a fixed pitch or collective pitch. I've had the Blade CX2 in the past and got bored of it pretty quick.

Looking for recommendations, I've researched myself but am a little frustrated that almost all the bind n flys have spektrum receivers. Was looking for something roughly in the range of blade 230 s v2 - Trex 450 (although the Trex seemed expensive to me). It doesn't have to be a large heli but I'd really like the option to fly outside.

So what are my options - buy one of those multi 4 in one modules and then buy a bind n fly anyways? Is that going to be a nightmare to set up properly in Taranis? Or should I buy a kit and install a frsky receiver myself? Any specific products recommendations greatly appreciated.

Hoping I made the right choice in buying Taranis vs Spektrum, second guessing myself a little. But I love the open source nature and flexibility of Taranis.
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