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The design here in question has the old timer advantage of a banded tail as well as main wing. It was not uncommon to adjust CoG and then to shimy the tail to adjust the relation of incidence tail to wing. Cigarette packets were often to be seen with part of the card packet torn out !!

I think we have to also remember in those days - power was limited ... often really just power assisted glide. So incidence was usually greater than we use today. Also why lifting tails were popular. If we apply the CoG / figures of the old days - we would have a seriously climbing model today with todays power offerings unless we restricted ourselves to same power as old days. Therefore I suggest putting the CoG forward of the original to allow for the better power we have to use today. I would actually start as we would with most models today ... then work back if needed.

But not to forget the fact is - ALL horizontal surfaces provide lift otherwise lifting body modern fighters etc. wouldn't exist.

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