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Originally Posted by pizzano View Post
There have been several reported video failures (among quite a few other issues) on the 502s reported at web sites like RCG, drone-maniac, fpv hub, droneflyers and a few more............The "circle fly" message is new one to add to the mix..!

Contact Hubsan, they have a web site, and get help directly from the manufacture........!
Thank You! I do love this drone! It does have GPS and does return home, and is very stable and solid compared to everything I've tried before. It maintains altitude and position, and has a viewer like a cell phone screen built into the controller. Even with a moderate wind you can put it in place and it stays there, then you can pan it around (whatever that's actually called in flying world) while you watch the video display and don't have to worry about where it's wondering away to. The others I've tried you have to try to keep them in place every second. For under $200 it seems awesome. Of course if anyone can suggest something equivalent or better in that price range I'd love to learn about it.

I contacted their tech support and they sent the following info in case it can ever help anyone else:

up to 16GB Class 10 formatted to FAT32 . . . . . .
Hubsan LA Mon-Fri, 8:00AM-5:00 PM Pacific Time 909-444-055
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

I hope they meant at least more than "up to" on the size because the one I ordered is 64GB I think...hopefully it can't be too big? Can it?

Thanks again!!!
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