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Now this flies like a real Mono

Installed the newly designed wings. It took me a while to re-balance it (which is a real for the smaller units) but then: boom baby!

There are 2 flights with different setups in this video. First 2 minutes is the first flight without the front wing. It flies pretty good but at 1:30 minute mark it loses balance, telling me needs a little upgrade. Then I fly it a little more until my old batteries die at 2 minute mark.

Then I installed the front wing that I use on some of my units. This flight is after 2 minute mark. It tilts better and flies really well. But this is a test and I have to push it harder and harder. At almost full stick & full horizontal at 3 minute mark it lost it. But its fine, I fly it a little longer after with some cool close passes.

Now I will calibrate the max tilt angle on the FC and we are good to put on the new batteries and have some fun!!!

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