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I did many flight tests with the indestructible Nano this past week, most of which ended in a crash. In the end, most of the design and flight controller issues were sorted out and the unit was domesticated, being very close to being a real Mono with very good stability and ability to reach high speeds. However, I need to change the wing design to reflect the things learned and make the unit even more durable and faster.

Before I replace the old wings, I wanted to give the condition of the unit after probably 30ish crashes, some as high as 100ft. I even hit a tree once! One crash was on the concrete and others were on grass. I never lost a servo neither an impeller, which is AMAZING! One leg was broken and fixed (which will cause a design improvement), one power cable snapped and was soldered back.

See Pics attached.

I am happy that I am almost there for the first amazingly fast and agile indestructible Mono…
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