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Talking Beginners, You Will Crash

And Thats the Truth Now why did I say That Ok here is Why, I want to let you know that when you start out with RC Aircraft, you are going to Crash, and Crash Alot, Untill you get the Hang of Flying, Soooo with that in Mind, Your First RC Plane should be a Plane thats as Crash worthy as possible, and one great Plane to get is a Easystar, Why because its made of a very Durable foam that in most cases will absorb a crash, and if it does break, it can be glued up again and flown real quick to keep you in the air, its a power Glider, and it flies slow, giving you time to think of what your doing, it has the motor in the back and up out of the way, so that protects your prop from breaking, If you buy a plane, and are afraid to Crash it, and make it not look so Pretty Anymore this Hobby is not for you your first plane is going to be your THRASHER PLANE, its going to take the abuse of Learning, its Going to Look Like HELL-O when your done Learning its going to teach you a lot about how to make repairs It will be your Flying Instructor and after your done with Her, give her a Good Toss in the Round File your second plane can be a little nicer, but its going to Crash too, and hopefully not as much as the first Plane Did you will have about 4 to 5 Planes under your belt as they say, before you get good, and are able to take your plane back home in one Piece Its It Worth it You Bet it is, when you are able to take off, fly and Land, You will have a Big Grin from Ear to Ear that not even a 2x4 can smack it off your Silly Mug Its Called Earning your Wings you have to want it Bad and go for it, like you did to your Girl friend or Wife or Both and before you try to Take off into the Wild Blue Yonder, get and Use a Simulator and if your lucky, get some help from a RC Club or anyone who is into RC in your area, OK, I will get off this Soap Box Now Take care and Have fun, Chellie

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