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Originally Posted by carld2002 View Post
I always to checks during flight anyways.

My radio will be shared and probably nothing else except perhaps the batteries.

How about recievers? How do they factor into this?
The receiver is commonly referred to as the Rx (Tx is transmitter). You could buy a spare Parkzone Rx from Horizon Hobby or maybe have your LHS order one. Or you could buy a different brand that will work as well or better (or maybe worse if you want to go cheap). I think Parkzone is negative shift, which means you will have to get either a negative shift or auto-shift Rx and a crystal of the same frequency as that of your T-28. For my money, I would get an auto-shift Berg Rx. They have an excellent reputation.
Originally Posted by carld2002 View Post
Unfortunately I misdiagnosed the wind. I thought it was about 3-4 mph but it was actually probably more like 6-7.

it was easily blown far away even with attempts to fly into wind.
Winds aloft are almost always stronger than they are at ground level. It was probably stonger than 6-7 if you couldn't make headway through it.
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